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Why Super Discount Transmissions

Super Discount Transmissions does not only provide a solution to your car issues, but explains the problem to you. You need to know the status of your vehicle. We want you to get involved and be aware of the indications and warning signs that signify that your car needs some professional repair service. We do not only resolve, we educate!

Brake Repair

The brake system is one of the most important components of your car, though it has only one function - to stop your car’s acceleration. Maintaining the proper function of your car, in general, is essential in prolonging your car’s lifespan, and it will save your life. Listed below are some of the notable warning signs that you need to look out for.

  • Grinding and incessant squealing when braking
  • The brake panel in your dashboard shows a red glowing light indicating system disproportion
  • The brake panel in the dashboard shows an amber light that signifies the existence of Anti-lock brake system issue.
  • Brake pedal doesn’t respond immediately when breaking

What do we do?

Here at Super Discount Transmissions, we offer a brake repair package which includes holistic brake system examination, brake pad replacement, brake shoe changing and re-merging of the rotors on the repaired axle. Our certified professional automotive technicians are well equipped with experience and knowledge to address your car issues.

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Engine Repair

Your car engine performs a vigorous job whenever you travel. Maintaining its optimum condition will extend its useful life which will save you from possible repair expenses in the long run. A well-maintained car has a higher chance of surviving longer.

Signs of Engine Beat-up

  • Loud operational noise - this is caused by bearing failure, leakage in the hydraulic valve lifters, damaged camshafts and other engine related factors. Whatever the cause may be, a loud knocking noise is enough warning sign that you need to visit an engine repair professional to perform a thorough engine inspection.
  • Sudden Power Loss and not so smooth running - A sudden power loss means that your car needs immediate repair while not running smoothly will surely get you into trouble. Do not bother bringing your car into our showroom because we do not want you to take the risk. You can call us instead and we will provide a free towing service.
  • Oozing Smoke – A smoking car is not normal at any level but each smoke color represents a specific damage. Smoke color due to faulty engine comes in blue, black and white and each color represents the exact damage.

Our Engine Repair services

  • Standard Tune-up
  • Filter Replacement
  • Fuel System Cleaning
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Radiator Repair

Car overheating is one of the most common signs that you need to visit a radiator repair shop to fix the problem. Aside from extensive radiator assessment, we also offer radiator repair services such as:

  • Coolant draining and refilling
  • Changing of water pump
  • Radiator repair

Signs of Defective Radiator

  • The temperature panel shows “hot” readout – When you see this notification on your dashboard, turn off your engine and a/c, then make sure you are parked in a safe environment. Put your car in neutral mode, then rev your engine gradually to release coolant and reduce heat.
  • Overheating – This is often described as the presence of wafting steam coming from the hood. This is quite serious as this can cause fire. Wait until the temperature decreases before opening the hood. Do not open the radiator cap when it’s still hot because the pressure and heat will automatically flow out, which can cause serious burns and injuries.
  • Presence of rust and discoloration on the radiator – This is caused by radiator leaks and/or the connecting hose. When the fluid leaks, it dries down due to engine heat which then turns into discoloration and rust.
  • Coolant leakage – This is often noticeable with the presence of yellow, pink or green liquid under the car, which signifies coolant leak.
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Electrical Repair

This is not a common issue in modern cars due to the technology used in manufacturing. Though uncommon, this is the most difficult to configure as compared to mechanical damages.

We use a specialized diagnostic tool that accesses your car’s computer data and locates the exact reason and damage that needs to be fixed. A faulty electrical system is often difficult to diagnose but with this tool, it’s easier to identify the problem.

Signs of Faulty Electrical System

  • The car won’t start
  • Noticeable battery damage or leakage
  • Lights are working but dims out when driving
  • Defective brake lights

Your car issue is our concern and here at Super Discount Transmissions, “we will fix it fast and we will fix it right!”

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Not yet convinced? For every repair we do, we also provide full service warranty so, again, don’t worry, Super Discount Transmissions has you covered.

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