Manual Transmission Repair

Getting to Know What Manual Transmission Is

Manual transmission allows the driver to take full control of his car through a manually operated clutch and a shiftable gear. With this, the driver has full discretion on the accelerative gear ratio.

What Causes Manual Transmission Repair?

Due to its vigorous function, manual transmissions are directly exposed to different forces such as friction, pressure, and heat. These factors are responsible for the gradual breakdown of manual transmission fluid. In addition, regular engine operation leads to tearing of small engine parts such as worn off flakes of metal and fragments that often contaminate the transmission fluid.

Water, as a by-product of condensation in the transmission, is also a contributing factor in manual transmission defect; as we all know, oil and water are two opposing things. The presence of these factors may lead to your car’s need for manual transmission repair.

Warning Signs of Manual Transmission Repair!

Manual transmission is often overlooked during your basic maintenance check. Though one of the easiest and economical services, manual transmission repair is one of the most important car maintenance necessity. Listed below are some of the common warning signs that you need to look out for.
  • Fluid leak
  • Noticeable burning scent inside and outside your vehicle
  • In your dashboard, you may see a light on your “Check Your Engine” panel.
  • Delayed acceleration
  • Noticeable vibration and grinding movements during gear shifts.

Advantages of Manual Transmission Repair

  • Prolongs the functionality span of your transmission.
  • Transmission operates at its optimum efficiency
  • Smooth acceleration
  • It decreases the chances of engine tear off
  • Your chances of experiencing manual transmission failure is minimal
  • You avoid a higher chance of spending too much money for future repairs.
  • Well maintained transmissions, plus excellent driving skills may result in fluid efficiency.

Our Manual Transmission Repair Services

Here at Super Discount Transmissions, we offer different transmission services starting from the basic up to the most complex issues. We remove your used manual transmission fluid by either draining or pumping. We have all the tools needed for both processes, through which all the unwanted transmission fluid by-product along with small metal chips and other contaminants are flushed out. After draining and or pumping, we fill up your manual transmission with the right brand and amount of fluid recommended by your automobile manufacturer.

Your car’s manual transmission repair may vary, depending on the manufacturer because each automaker has a recommended regular replacement time, but it mostly depends on the distance traveled or mileage. A regular fluid change will help you extend your warranty as most warranty providers require proper car maintenance in agreement with the manufacturer recognized schedule and fluid type.

Our Extra Services

We offer free diagnostics to identify the type of repair services that your car needs. We also provide transmission re-build for both manual and automatic transmissions. Here at Super Discount Transmissions, we have different common transmissions in stock for you and ready for a quick installation. You may call us and see how our expert technician makes good on our slogan “We fix it fast! We fix it right!”

Not yet convinced? For every repair we do, we also provide full service warranty so, again, don’t worry, Super Discount Transmissions has you covered.

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