Differentials & Axels Transmission Repair

Differential Repair, Axle Repair, and Axle Replacement At Your Fingertips

Our company provides differential repair, axle repair, and axle replacement for any type of model, brand, and level of wreckage your car has. In fact, we do not only do these three things — we offer more services that would give your car the TLC it needs. In order to know if your vehicle badly needs repairs, we gladly give FREE DIAGNOSTICS — just bring your car to one of our towing service locations and we will assess and do the service it needs at a competitive pricing. We can assure our clients that we give the most thorough inspection and assessment of their beloved property.

The differential in a car is important for it transports horsepower to the wheels. It is also the one in charge in terms of maneuvering the wheel towards the intended direction — basically, it controls the wheel. In cars, especially in race cars, the differential experiences the most wear and tear due to the high engine power the wheel receives to run fast and the sharp turns facilitated by the driver.

At Super Discount Transmissions, Inc., we do differential repairs even to the most weary and torn-up gears. Upon diagnosis, we will know if you need differential repairs and/or a differential fluid change, depending on what your car needs. By doing this differential repair, you can be assured of the safety and health of your vehicle even on swerving roads and rough terrains.

We also do axle repair and axle replacement. The axle is the main processor for the overall rotation of the wheels. If the axle is not in good condition, this could be detrimental to the passengers and driver, and may even cause vehicular accidents just because the wheel is not rotating properly.

Thus, it is important to diagnose if your car needs axle repair and, if need be, axle replacement. Once the car is diagnosed, the problematic axle and its parts may have to be completely replaced by new ones since we do not want to risk any chances of accidents if the old one is to be kept. This could be more costly in the long run since the other axles do not have to compensate for the "loss" in terms of full operation the impaired axle which may lead to replacement of ALL axles of the car.

So if ever you hear clicking, shimmying, or even banging noises at the rear part of your wheel, contact us immediately and we will diagnose and eventually correct the problem for you. We guarantee that our differential repairs, axle repair, and axle replacement are the best repair services that your car will ever experience.

We value your vehicle as much as you do. Thus, here at Super Discount Transmissions, Inc., we take care of your car the way it should be treated —with care and attention. And with the help of our professionals who have 40 years of industry experience under their belt, we are here to serve you and deliver the best quality care, maintenance, transmission, and drive train repairs that your vehicle needs to be at its most optimal condition.

Our company can also arrange free towing services for your vehicle that needs the extra TLC to run and operate better. Plus, when the necessary service is done, we give full service warranty for any problems you may encounter after our repair. Trust that we keep our promise not only to fix it fast, but to fix it right as well.

We provide services for all valley locations found in the US.

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Not yet convinced? For every repair we do, we also provide full service warranty so, again, don’t worry, Super Discount Transmissions has you covered.

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