Brake Repair

Car brake maintenance is among the regular, necessary check-ups usually neglected by vehicle owners. This does not only pose greater risks with brake issues but may also worsen whatever initial problem your car had later on.

Brake Warning Signs

Finding out if your car already needs to have its brake system checked does require some attention, especially if your vehicle lacks sufficient light brake warnings. The following are observations that may mean an underlying problem for your brake system and several automatic warning signs from your car.

  • There are audible grinding, squealing, squeaking, or any suspicious sounds or pulsations that may indicate a need for repair or cleaning of the brakes when you step on them.
  • You notice a spongy feel or slow response when you apply the brakes.
  • Your vehicle starts to require longer distance to stop than before.
  • You feel your vehicle or brakes pulling at one side when you apply the brakes.
  • The brake pedal starts to touch the floor or require greater pressure to apply the brakes.
  • The brake warning light (anti-lock brake) on your dashboard glows and stays on.
  • You are approaching or past your vehicle manufacturer’s recommended schedule for brake fluid replacement.
  • It has been over 12,000 miles (or about a year) since the last time you had your brakes inspected.

Possible Brake Problems

Brake warning signals may mean different things and all require immediate attention. Keeping up with your auto maintenance schedule will save you from greater trouble later on so make sure your car gets the required attention and care to keep it in top performance. Below are some of the common problems or maintenance issues that your vehicle might encounter with its brake system:

  • Brake line repair and replacement
  • Parking brake service and repair
  • Missing or damaged noise insulators
  • Worn brake pads and rotors
  • Brake pads and caliper loose-fittings
  • Uneven torque of lug nuts or caliper hardware
  • Worn, dirty, or clogged brakes
  • Low brake fluid possibly due to leaks or problems with the master brake cylinder

Brake Repair Services

Not everyone has the knowledge or skill to efficiently attend to their vehicle brake issues. This is why at Super Discount Transmissions, we assure you that our staff know everything we have mentioned in this post and more.

We are ready to assist you from your car’s maintenance needs to break inspections and major brake repairs. We can also provide replacement and installation of any brake hardware including master brake cylinders, rotors, calipers, brake hoses, and drum brakes. Brake system cleaning is also available as well as brake fluid exchange. We also offer FREE DIAGNOSTICS where you need them, and in case you have not identified the problem beforehand.

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