Automatic Transmission Repair

Having an automatic transmission does not mean your vehicle will be immune to common transmission issues. And it definitely does not mean that it can automatically fix all transmission problems by itself.

It is unfortunate that when your car breaks down or encounters some trouble, it is difficult to quickly trace the problem and solve it. Despite being untrained, some folks can fix those car issues themselves properly. However, they are often limited to being capable of identifying and fixing brakes, air conditioning, and other problems. It is easy for them to miss problems concerning transmission.

After all, transmission problems are not that common if your car is on A/T and if you send your car frequently for maintenance. And if you are a car nut, you might never even have transmission problems at all since even before your clutches burn out, you will already have them replaced!

Of course, not everybody has the luxury to give their cars the routine maintenance they need. It is usual that most people tend to see their cars as a simple “tool” that can get you to point A to point B. And not everybody has the time to get intimate with their steel carriages — not to mention that some might have not enough budget to spare when it comes to car care.

With all those concerns and inevitabilities, Super Discount Transmissions provide top-notch differential, transfer case, and transmission repair services that are budget-friendly. Just reread Super Discount Transmissions’ name, and you will immediately get what you are getting.

The company has been working on cars for more than 20 years now while its personnel boasts more than 40 years of experience in everything car-related. Regardless of brand, manufacturer, make, and model, Super Discount Transmissions can handle and repair your car. Do not worry even if your car is locally or internationally made — SDT’s veteran techs can relieve it from all the problems it may have.

Also, do not worry about diagnostic fees. You are more than welcome to bring your car in and let our professionals check it free of charge. Or if you do not have the time to drive by, you can call the company first for consultation. Once a problem is determined and if you want your car to be handled by us, we can offer you free towing.

We also rebuild all types of transmissions. Super Discount Transmission’s shop always has all common transmissions in stock and they are all ready to be installed when needed. Transmission rebuilding may take four to five hours. Of course, if the shop does not have the transmission needed, rebuilding will take longer.

On the other hand, always be on the lookout for the company’s special offers. Just check the site from time to time to see what is in store for you. Usually, we provide 10% discount for up to $100 for all major car repairs. To avail those offers, just visit the page, print the coupon, and present it to the auto repair shop.

Not yet convinced? For every repair we do, we also provide full service warranty so, again, don’t worry, Super Discount Transmissions has you covered.

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