Transmission Repair Services

Modern trucks and vehicles today have various suspension and transmission systems. Whether they have a manual 3-speed or a computer-controlled 7-speed automatic transmission, you need the experts in Arizona to help you manage problems and maintenance needs. This will guarantee that your car is in good condition and runs at optimum speed at all times. So, if you are currently looking for a reliable transmission service in Glendale, Scottsdale, Tempe, Phoenix, and other valley locations, Super Discount Transmissions is here to give you a hand.

How Transmissions Work

A vehicle’s transmission has three main responsibilities. First is to transfer power from the engine of the vehicle to its wheels called torque. Second is to use the power of the engine to move the car forward and backward. Lastly, it enables the vehicle to shift gears. This allows the vehicle to move at various speed levels through various gear ratios.

Automatic Transmissions


Since the main job of the transmission system is to transfer power from the engine to the vehicle’s wheels, the transmission type of a car is designed to affect its acceleration, performance, and efficiency. Hence, there are various transmission types installed in different vehicles. One of these is an automatic transmission, which contains a torque converter. This works by shifting the planetary gears automatically with gears that accelerate and decelerate the vehicle’s speed.

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Manual Transmissions


Within a manual transmission system, you will see complex moving parts that include interconnected gears, clutch, and input/output shafts. In this case, the driver will use the gear shifter and clutch to change the vehicle’s gears manually as the RPMS increases. By shifting the shorter or taller gears, the car will decelerate or accelerate its speed. The manual transmission also keeps sufficient power to flow backward and forward between the engine and the wheels.

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CVT (Constant Variable Transmission)


This type of transmission can usually be found in Ford, GM, BMW, and Audi cars. In their early days, CVTs were included in recreational vehicles such as snowmobiles. However, this transmission doesn’t contain any gears. Instead, it has 2 sets of plates that are responsible in moving and changing the ratios between the wheels and the engine. There’s a belt between the plates that transmit the torque. With CVTs, there are no interruptions made during gear changes. In other words, the operation is smooth and more convenient in terms of fuel economy.

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DCT (Dual Clutch Transmissions)


The clutch will enable you to engage or disengage the transmissions from the car’s engine once it’s between gear changes or is stopped. Newer models have clutch systems that are engaged and managed through the hydraulic system. It makes your clutch easier and softer to control while requiring less energy when using DCTs. For longevity and trouble-free driving, make sure that the switches, controls, modules, solenoids, and other moving parts are intact.

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Transfer Cases


In 4WD and AWD cars, as well as trucks, transfer cases are the ones that split the engine’s torque through the rear and front axles. Several gears, depending on the truck or vehicle, enable diverse driving conditions. It’s like an additional gear that raises or lowers the transmission’s operating range. When you slowly go off-road over up-steep hills and rocks, speed won’t be an issue for you. All you have to do is activate the lower-range gearing to increase torque and enable you to reach your destination.

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Differentials & Axels


Our company provides differential repair, axle repair, and axle replacement for any type of model, brand, and level of wreckage your car has. In fact, we do not only do these three things — we offer more services that would give your car the TLC it needs. In order to know if your vehicle badly needs repairs, we gladly give FREE DIAGNOSTICS — just bring your car to one of our towing service locations and we will assess and do the service it needs at a competitive pricing.

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Keeping Your Transmission in Good Condition

With preventative maintenance, you can keep your transmission in perfect condition. Remember changing the fluid at suggested intervals. The owner’s manual can help you understand when to do it. Or if not, you can always contact Super Discount Transmissions to ensure that everything is working properly. Another tip is to never “ride” your clutch, especially when you’re using manual transmission.

In fact, there are lots of guidelines to learn in using transmissions. It’s not easy to maintain vehicle transmissions as they wear out over time. This causes hard grinding and shifting when driving your car. To avoid this, always make sure to consult a professional transmission service provider in Arizona. If you notice vibration when driving your car, it’s time to visit an auto repair shop to prevent it from causing more problems in your transmission and engine.

At Super Discount Transmissions, “we’ll fix it fast and we’ll fix it right.”

Not yet convinced? For every repair we do, we also provide full service warranty so, again, don’t worry, Super Discount Transmissions has you covered.

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